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Competition Rules

Maintaining the pace of growth and development in the North Texas region, where the population is expected to double in the next thirty years, requires that those vested in that growth within the design, development and construction community adopt new ideas and employ innovative methods that will ensure such growth can be sustained. Low Impact Development (LID), also sometimes referred to as  green infrastructure is essentially a suite of options for developers and design professionals that can improve the sustainability of development while offering the potential to lower the cost of development. LID techniques can also provide benefits in water quality, natural habitat and flood control, and in the reduction of long term maintenance costs of stormwater management while increasing quality of life and the livability of communities.

Founded in 2011, the North Texas Land/Water Sustainability Forum was formed to provide exposure to the full range of these sustainability practices, to encourage their adoption through education, to support their adaptation for the conditions found in our local environment, and to foster creativity in both sustainable development and the regulatory structure that enables it.

Competition Objectives


Competition Calendar


Design Goals

Professional Design Challenge Categories

Each design challenge represents an actual property for which the owner has an interest in developing utilizing the sustainable methods to be showcased in this competition. In an effort to provide the opportunity for the broadest professional participation, entries will be accepted in the following three Challenge categories.

Urban Redevelopment - Central Library, Arlington TX


Urban Redevelopment - Cedars West, Dallas TX

Green Roadway - South Lamar Street, Dallas TX


Urban Redevelopment - Northern Crossing West
  • Click here for Criteria and program for this project
  • Bid Tabulation - Northern Crossing West
  • Urban Redevelopment Design Challenge will be provided by TIG/Clarion
  • The NCX project consists of an approximately 115 acre site with 56 acres that are developable and undeveloped and another 20 acres of land that has been set aside for wetland mitigation and detention. The challenge is to design a new ‘green' mixed-use development and interior bike/ped system that incorporates Low Impact Development techniques, reduces impervious cover, promotes infiltration, reduces stormwater pollution through bio-filtration or other means, and reduces long term maintenance costs.


Available information such as Site Plans, maps, and pre-development conditions are provided for each category, and represent actual data from the site involved.

Submission Requirements

§  All images and data contained on the foam core presentation boards submitted with the entry.

§  Images of all drawings, plans and details.

§  A written overview, presenting the design team's concept.

§  Justification for the hydrologic/drainage modeling used to develop design conclusions

§  An explanation of project costs and an economic comparison with the same project if developed using traditional methods.

§  Submission plan sets must include at a minimum: Site Plans, Drainage Plans, Landscape and Irrigation Plans, Elevations, Details.

o    Electronic submissions are limited to a maximum of 30 Power Point pages.

Expert Judging - Stage One

Finals Jury Presentations - Stage Two



o    Urban Redevelopment - Arlington Central Library  

§  The prize for this category is yet to be determined

o    Urban Redevelopment - Cedars West

§  The prize for this category is to be awarded by Mathews SouthWest

o    Green Roadway - South Lamar

§  The prize for this category is to be determined

o    Mixed Use - Northern Crossing

§  The prize for this category is to be awarded by TIG / Clarion




Property Donors



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