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CALL for PROJECTS has developed a two-fold LID project database for the entire state of Texas. The first phase of this project is an interactive Texas LID map. The second phase involves the development of project Case Studies which will highlight varying applications of LID projects in detailed summaries.

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Phase I: LID Mapping has developed a LID mapping project to document various types of LID projects across the state. The database contains a list of LID practices (such as bioretention, permeable pavements, swales etc), their geographic location, and their watershed. The map allows users to search for LID projects across Texas by practice, region, watershed or a combination.

If you are interested in adding your LID project - completed or in construction - to our map, please click here to submit your information for review. We will contact you when it is published to the map. If you have any questions feel free to email us at


Phase II: LID Case Studies

LID projects from the LID mapping project will be highlighted and developed into Case Studies. This resource will be accessible for researchers, practitioners, and municipal officials to search for information that will help facilitate future project implementation and LID research across Texas. For example, the Case Studies will contain both quantitative and qualitative information such as water quality monitoring results, runoff reductions, project costs, and ordinance revision and development. We invite you to submit projects that document the success or failure of using LID tools and techniques for managing stormwater and site drainage.

To submit your case study, contact us at for the Case Study Submission Form!